Great discoveries are always preceded by great questions.

Is there a way to make textiles conduct electricity?

Can we tune it and make it to spec? Can we make it flameproof and magnetic while we’re at it? Maybe radar absorbing material to use in artificial horizons?

After years of research, we’re proud to announce the following answers: yes, yes, yes, and yes.

We’ve created resistive fabric for heaters used in health care, antibacterial coating on fabrics and foams for use in sterile environments, piezoresistive fabric used in motion sensors for athletic training, radar absorbing material and textiles used in low radar cross section fabric antennas, and fabrics that will weld plastic in the microwave.

With Eeonyx Corporation and its conductive fabric the possibilities for new applications are truly endless. From use as part of systems including fabric heaters, radar absorbing material, antibacterial coating, heat resistant fabric and more, Eeonyx Corporation’s conductive fabric is a revolutionary design with application possibilities limited only by your imagination.

The line of conductive fabric made available through Eeonyx Corporation has created a brand new future for numerous industries. The team behind Eeonyx’s conductive fabric has already done the work of creating a multi-purpose material available in a variety of forms — now every company can easily begin implementing it to design exciting new products.

Let Eeonyx Corporation’s discoveries work for you.

What can we do for you?

Eeonomer® additive is used in conductive coating-bus and applied to the surface of this plane.

Piezoresistive EeonTex™ is used as pressure sensing element.

EeonTex™ fabric is used as resistive element, providing heat resistant fabric applications to designers.